New Low Prices

New Low Price for Students

Beginning January 1, 2019, Pearson is Offering New Low Prices For Students to Buy or Rent the Upcoming David/David/David 17th Edition Strategic Management Textbook to be Available January 2, 2019 for use in Spring 2019 Semester. Students Can Choose One of the Following Five Options:

1. Rent a print copy for $74.99 for a semester under the Print Rental Model.
2. Own the book at the end of the rental period by opting for a Print Rental to Own Model where he/she can pay $79.99 more to own the book; i.e. the total price would be $154.98
3. Gain access to the David/David/David 17th ed. e-book with the MyLab for $74.99. If he/she wants to have a print copy with this, he will be able to add a 3-punch Loose-leaf version for $25 which will be $99.99 total.
4. Opt for the new Standalone e-text2.0 (SaEt) in order to own an e-text for $89.99. This is an epub and the text will flow depending on the device the content is accessed from.
5. Opt for the SaEt with print – An SaEt with print copy of the book is $25 extra.
To facilitate students buying or renting the 17th edition David/David/David textbook forthcoming 1-2-19, Pearson has established partnerships with Chegg, MBS, Barnes and Noble, IndiCo (which acts as a consignee for independent campus bookstores), and Follett who will rent the 17th edition products through campus bookstores. These products are also available through MyPearsonStore. Pearson also has various channel e-texts, such as Vital Source, which is a 3rd party distributor of flat e-texts. For additional information about this new low cost pricing strategy, contact either Neeraj ( or Nicole ( at Pearson. Thank you.