Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Lowe’s Issues $1.75 Billion in Notes (September, 2015)

Lowe’s Response to the Housing Market (August, 2015)

Lowe’s Big Ticket Item Strategy (Video) (August, 2015)

Lowe’s vs Home Depot’s Strategy (July, 2015)

Sears Loss is Lowe’s Gain (June, 2015)

Lowe’s Increasing Its Bet on Canada (May, 2015)

US Home Improvement Waxing or Waning? (April, 2015)

US New Home Sales Near Multi Year Highs (February, 2015)

Lowe’s Reports Q4 (February, 2015)

Lowe’s vs Home Depot’s Earnings (February, 2015)

Lowe’s to Hire 30,000 Seasonal Workers (January, 2015)

Lowe’s Discusses Strategic Priorities (December, 2014)

Lowe’s Narrows Same Store Sales Gap with Home Depot (November, 2014)

Lowe’s Test Robot Shopping Assistants (Video) (October, 2014)

Lowe’s Financing $1.25 Billion with Debt (September, 2014)

Lowe’s vs Home Depot Earnings (August, 2014)

Lowe’s Quarterly Report (June, 2014)

Lowe’s versus Home Depot (May, 2014)

Housing Market Recovery (May, 2014)

Home Depot’s Innovation Leads Market (April, 2014)

Lowe’s Files 2013 Annual Report (March, 2014)

Lowe’s Broad Strategies Moving Foward (March, 2014)

Lowe’s CEO Discusses 4Q Earnings (February, 2014)

Lowe’s Closes in on Home Depot (February, 2014)

Lowe’s and Come to an Agreement (January, 2014)

Lowe’s vs Home Depot Comparison  (January, 2014)

Top 10 Housing Markets in the USA (December, 2013)

Should Lowe’s Buy Lumber Liquidators? (December, 2013)

US Housing Market Growing at the Slowest Pace of the Year (December, 2013)

Home Depot Hits Profit Goal 1 Year Ahead of Schedule (December, 2013)

Home Depot’s 3rd Quarter Results Better than Lowe’s (December, 2013)

Lowe’s Reports 3rd Quarter Earnings (November, 2013)

Lowe’s Acquires 72 Orchard Hardware Stores (August, 2013)