Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Marriott to Open 40 Luxury Properties (December, 2017)

Marriott to Open New HC in Maryland (September, 2017)

Industry Outlook (March, 2017)

Marriott’s Growth Outlook (March, 2017)

Overview of Marriott’s Business Model (December, 2016)

Details of Marriott and Starwood’s Deal (November, 2016)

Marriott and Expedia Announce New Deal (September, 2016)

20 Marriott Hotel’s Security Breached  (August, 2016)

China Allows 60 Days for Marriott and Starwood to Merge (August, 2016)

Marriott CEO on the Industry (Video)  (June, 2016)

Marriott’s Asia Strategy (Video) (May, 2016)

Starwood-Marriott Merger Possibilities  (April, 2016)

Chinese Firm Bidding on Starwood (Video & Article) (March, 2016)

Analysis of Marriott’s 2015 Financials (February, 2016)

Marriott to Add 22 Hotels Outside the US in 2016 (January, 2016)