Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)


China’s Cheap Smart Phone Market (September, 2015)

Lenovo Overhauls Mobile Unit (August, 2015)

Lenovo to Produce Smart Phones in India (August, 2015)

Lenovo’s Western and Eastern Culture Mix (July, 2015)

Lenovo Announces Dual Screen Smartwatch  (May, 2015)

Lenovo’s 3 New Laptops (May, 2015)

Lenovo’s Profit Drops 36% in 2014 (May, 2015)

PC Sales Continue to Fall (April, 2015)

Lenovo Develops First Camera Smartphone Crossover (March, 2015)

Too Many Smartphone Brands? (January, 2015)

Lenovo’s New High Performance Smartphones (January, 2015)

Motorola Deal Aids Lenovo (December, 2014)

Smartphone Shipments Slow in China (November, 2014)

Lenovo Finalizes Purchase of IBM’s Low End Server Business (October, 2014)

Lenovo’s Two new Smartphones (September, 2014)

Strong Growth for Lenovo in Q1 (August, 2014)

Lenovo’s Purchase of IBM’s Lower End Server Business May be on Hold Momentarily   (July, 2014)

Lenovo Outperforms in Q4 2013 (May, 2014)

Lenovo’s A-Series Tablets (April, 2014)

Chinese Smart Phones Gaining Popularity Worldwide (March, 2014)

Lenovo Beats Q3 Estimates (February, 2014)

Lenovo Forges Ahead with PC Business (February, 2014)

Lenovo Buys Part of IBMs Server Business (January, 2014)

Lenovo Buys Motorola Smartphone from Google (January, 2014)

Lenovo’s Smartphone Strategy (January, 2014)

Lenovo Opens New R&D Facility (December, 2013)

Global Smartphone Shipments to Exceed 1.2 Billion in 2014 (November, 2013)

Smartphone Sales Increased in 3rd Quarter (November, 2013)

Apple Hints at Larger iPhone (November, 2013)

Lenovo Targets Emerging Markets (November, 2013)

Lenovo Reports 2nd Quarter Results (November, 2013)