Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)



How the Car Industry Views the Tech Industry  (September, 2015)

BMW Eyes Driveless Cars (September, 2015)

Mercedes Beating BMW in China (August, 2015)

Apple and BMW to Jointly Produce Car? (July, 2015)

European Luxury Car Sales Fall in China (June, 2015)

German Automakers Focus on Self Driving Cars (June, 2015)

BMW Trailing Lexus in US Sales (June, 2015)

Meet BMWs New CEO (May, 2015)

German Union Asking for 5.5% Pay Raises  (April, 2015)

European Car Recover Gains Momentum (February, 2015)

German Auto Union Backs off Strike Threats (February, 2015)

BMW Fixes Security Flaw in Software (January, 2015)

Audi and Mercedes Gain on BMW (December, 2014)

Tesla and BMW Discuss Battery Parts (November, 2014)

EUs new Vehicle Emissions Standards (October, 2014)

BMW Adjust Prices in USA (September, 2014)

BMW Enjoys Strong Q2 Results (August, 2014)

BMW to Build Plant in Mexico (July, 2014)

 BMW’s 2013 Sustainability Report (May, 2014)

BMW Recalls 230,000 Cars in China (April, 2014)

Eurozone’s Recovery (April, 2014)

BMW Plans to Expand US Production by 50% with $1 Billion Investment (March, 2014)

Tesla Gaining Ground on Traditional Luxury Auto Makers (February, 2014)

EU Toughens Stance on CO2 Emissions  (February, 2014)

BMW Expands Engine Production in China (February, 2014)

BMW Sets Sights on Larger American Market Share (January, 2014)

BMW Offers $458,000 Sedan in China (January, 2014)

German Car Sales Declined in 2013 (January, 2014)

Mercedes is Selling Cars Direct to Consumer Over Internet (December, 2013)

BMW Experiments with Carbon-Fiber Frames (November, 2013)

BMW’s Strategy to Retain Top Customers (November, 2013)

BMW Beats 3rd Quarter Estimates (Video)  (November, 2013)

BMW vs Tesla in Electric Car Market (Video) (November, 2013)

Mercedes Leads BMW on US Luxury Cars (November, 2013)

Europe Car Sales up Most since 2011 (October, 2013)

EU Nations Decide to Allow for Less Restrictive Emission Law  (October, 2013)

BMW Confirms Record Chinese Sales (October, 2013)