Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Airline Industry Survey (Continuously Updated)


Q2 Earnings Report (September, 2015)

Embraer to Build New Business Jet in Florida (August, 2015)

Embraer’s Defense Contracts Sour (July, 2015)

Embraer Finances Through $1 Billion in Debt (June, 2015)

Embraer to Move Phenom Jet Production to US (May, 2015)

Growth Looks Strong in Asia (May, 2015)

Embraer Misses Q4 (March, 2015)

Embraer Hurt by Delayed Payments (January, 2015)

Q4 Deliveries Drop (January, 2015)

Embraer’s Top Rival (December, 2014)

Embraer’s Competitive Advantage (December, 2014)

Latin America’s 70 to 130 Seat Fleet to Triple (November, 2014)

Embraer Delivers 500 Legacy Jets (October, 2014)

 Embraer and Japan Airlines Agree to $600 million Deal (August, 2014)

Embraer Considers Long Range Jets (August, 2014)

Embraer Expanding US Outlook, Trims Outlook in Other Regions (August, 2014)

Embraer Beats Q2 Estimates  (August, 2014)

Brazil’s Economic Draw (June, 2014)

Embraer Targets $3.3 Billion Brazilian Defense Deal (May, 2014)

 Embraer Sees Bright Future (May 2014)

Executive Jet Demand Higher in Europe than China (April, 2014)

Southeastern USA Booming in Aviation Production (April, 2014)

Embraer E175 Jets Beat Efficiency Estimates (March, 2014)

Expected Orders of Embraer’s Regional Jets (February, 2014)

Embraer’s 4Q Earnings (February, 2014)

 Weaker Brazilian Real Seen as a Positive for Embraer (February, 2014)

Embraer versus Bombardier Financial Comparison (January, 2014)

Embraer meets 2013 Plane Delivery Goals (January, 2014)

Oil Prices Expected to Decline (January, 2014)

American Airlines Orders New Jets (December, 2013)

Embraer’s Outlook Improves (December, 2013)

Embraer Investigated for Bribery in Latin America (November, 2013)

Embraer Fails to Deliver on 3rd Quarter Numbers  (October, 2013)

Embraer Comments on Chinese Executive Aviation Outlook (September, 2013)