Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Airline Industry Survey (Continuously Updated)


Spirit Airline Model Review (September, 2015)

Airline Firms Extend Joint Ventures  (August, 2015)

Spirit, The Most Profitable US Carrier  (July, 2015)

Checked Bags Remain Huge Profit Driver for Airlines (June, 2015)

Spirit CEO Excited about Summer (Video) (May, 2015)

Why Poor Service is Not Holding Spirit Back (April, 2015)

Low Cost Airlines = Dangerous? (Video) (March, 2015)

Spirit named 2015 Value Airline of the Year (February, 2015)

Spirit’s CEO Discusses Low Cost Markets  (Video) (February, 2015)

Spirit’s CEO Hints at Lower Fares (February, 2015)

Spirit’s CEO Suggest Spirit Cancels Less Flights Than Others (Video) (December, 2014)

3 Airlines Looking to Grow (November, 2014)

Spirit Most Profitable US Carrier (October, 2014)

Spirit’s Strategy Video (September, 2014)

Will Airline Ticket Prices to Follow Oil Lower? (September, 2014)

Pilots Expected to have Great Bargaining Power in 2015 on Salary/Benefits (August, 2014)

Fight Attendants and Spirit Reach 5 Year Deal (August, 2014)

Is Spirit Growing too Fast? (July, 2014)

Spirit Giving Away Miles to Disgruntled Customers  (July, 2014)

Quantitative Airline Comparisons  (July, 2014)

 Will Spirit Charge for Use of Overhead Bin Space? (May, 2014)

Spirit Altering its Brand (May, 2014)

Spirit Meets Q1 Estimates (April, 2014)

Airlines Expand Cost Reduction Strategies  (March, 2014)

Spirit Announces 4Q Results (February, 2014)

Three Budget Airlines for 2014 (January, 2014)

Oil Prices Expected to Decline in 2014 (January, 2014)

Spirit CEO Comments on Fees and Taxes (Video) (December, 2013)

Airline Industry Outlook (December, 2013)

US Government Lowers Security Fees for Airlines (December, 2013)

Spirit Announces Five Year Agreement with Flight Attendants (December, 2013)

Spirit Announces Record 3rd Quarter Results (October, 2013)