Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)


Microsoft’s New Windows Phone (September, 2015)

Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet (August, 2015)

 Can Microsoft Apps Measure Up? (June, 2015)

Microsoft’s Acquisition Strategy (June, 2015)

Microsoft Changes Structure to Better Meet Strategy (June, 2015)

Microsoft’s Plan to Rule the Mobile World (May, 2015)

Microsoft Enters Mobile Payments (April, 2015)

Microsoft Invest Further in the Cloud (March, 2015)

Microsoft in Need of a Surface PC? (February, 2015)

Microsoft Launches Health Website (February, 2015)

Microsoft’s Smartphone Strategy (January, 2015)

Microsoft Misses Q3 Estimates (January, 2015)

Microsoft and BitPay Team Up (Video) (December, 2014)

X Box Sales Up (November, 2014)

Microsoft Addresses Gender Pay Gaps (October, 2014)

Microsoft Purchases Minecraft (September, 2014)

Microsoft’s Strategy with Apple (August, 2014)

Microsoft’s Mobile Future (July, 2014)

Windows 8 Losing Market Share (July 2014)

 Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet (May, 2014)

Microsoft’s Affordable Access Projects Around the World (May, 2014)

Microsoft Ready to Rival Google’s Android (April, 2014)

10 Threats Possibly Facing Microsoft (April, 2014)

Microsoft Realigning its Segments (March, 2014)

Key Threats Facing Microsoft in 2014 (February, 2014)

New CEO Focuses On the Cloud (February, 2014)

Microsoft Hires New CEO (January, 2014)

Microsoft Acquires Parature (January, 2014)

Nintendo Sales Struggling (December, 2013)

Microsoft Continues Search for New CEO (December, 2013)

Cloud Service Providers Bet on Microsoft (December, 2013)

Microsoft’s Tablet Strategy (December, 2013)

Cisco Loses Court Fight with Microsoft over Skype (December, 2013)

Tablet Shipments Increase While PC Shipments Wane (December, 2013)

Microsoft Finances with $8 Billion of Debt (December, 2013)

Microsoft Launches Xbox One (November, 2013)

Microsoft Takes Over Nokia’s Mobile Phone Business for $7.3 Billion (November, 2013)