Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Exxon’s Annual Report 2013


Who are Exxon’s Top Competitors (September, 2015)

Exxon’s Growth Potential (August, 2015)

Environment Groups Argue Against Exxon Deal (July, 2015)

Fossil Fuel Divestment  (June, 2015)

Europe to Benefit from Shale (June, 2015)

Largest Energy Company is? (May, 2015)

Oil CEOs discount M&A Talks (April, 2015)

Exxon Increases Russia Exposure (March, 2015)

Oil Continues to Fall (February, 2015)

An Exxon Pipeline Bust in the Yellowstone River (January, 2015)

2015 Outlook for Oil (Video) (December, 2014)

Exxon’s Oil Outlook in 2015 (December, 2014)

Exxon to Focus on Larger Projects (November, 2014)

Venezuela to Pay Less than $1 Billion to Nationalize Exxon  (October, 2014)

Exxon Strikes Oil in Arctic  (September, 2014)

Crude Oil Prices May Fall Further (August, 2014)

Exxon to Invest $1 Billion in European Refinery (July, 2014)

Exxon’s Outlook by Product  (June, 2014)

Exxon’s Q1 2014 Results (May, 2014)

LINN Energy and Exxon’s Deal (May, 2014)

Exxon’s Long Term Strategies (April, 2014)

Exxon Agrees to be More Forthcoming on Environmental Risks (April, 2014)

Chevron to Overtake Exxon on Exploration Spending (March, 2014)

Exxon Still Unable to Significantly Grow Its Oil and Gas Production (February, 2014)

Exxon Lowers Drilling Budget 13% (February, 2014)

Iraq Considers Further Actions Against Exxon (February, 2014)

Exxon vs Chevron 2013 Financial Comparison (January, 2014)

Oil Companies Miss Earnings Estimates (January, 2014)

Natural Gas Market (January, 2014)

Oil Prices Could Significantly Drop in 2014 (Video) (January, 2014)

Chevron Leads Exxon in Earnings per Barrel (December, 2013)

Alaskan Governor Aims to Increase Gas Projects (December, 2013)

Global Energy Demand Moving Forward (December, 2013)

Mexico’s Energy Reform (December, 2013)

Is Breaking Up Exxon a Viable Strategy? (December, 2013)

Exxon Posts a Positive 3rd Quarter Report (October, 2013)

Exxon is Benefiting from Shale (October, 2013)