Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)


Avon Facing a Probe from the SEC  (September, 2015)

Avon’s Current Strategy (September, 2015)

Avon Mostly Limited to  People Earning Less than $25,000 in the US (June, 2015)

Fake Buyouts and Other Troubles, Can Avon Recover? (June, 2015)

Can Avon Find a Buyout Partner? (April, 2015)

Avon, Worst Firm in 2015? (March, 2015)

Battle in the Beauty Business (Video) (February, 2015)

Avon to Exit 16 Caribbean Nations (February, 2015)

Avon Reports Q4 Loss (February, 2015)

Avon a Buyout Target? (January, 2015)

Avon Accused of Bribing Chinese Officials (December, 2014)

Avon Launches New ECommerce Site (October, 2014)

Avon Wins Chinese Bribery Lawsuit  (September, 2014)

Avon Reports Q2 Results (July, 2014)

Avon’s Turnaround Plan  (June, 2014)

Coty and Avon Sign Agreement for a Fragrance Offering in  Brazil (May, 2014)

Avon’s Q1 2014 Results (May, 2014)

Revlon’s CEO Discusses Annual Results (March, 2014)

Avon and KORRES Agree on Distribution Rights in Latin America (February, 2014)

Nu Skin Learns Lesson in China (January, 2014)

Revlon Exits China (January, 2014)

Avon’s 3rd Quarter Segment Data (December, 2013)

Avon’s Turnaround Prospects (November, 2013)

Chinese Bribery Allegations Against Avon (November, 2013)

Avon Misses 3rd Quarter Estimates (October, 2013)