Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)


UA Aims to Double its Revenue by 2018 (September, 2015)

Nike is Doing Great (September, 2015)

Kevin Plank, UA’s CEO Personal Story (August, 2015)

CEO Plank to Sell Nonvoting Class C Shares (June, 2015)

Under Armour Bets Big on NBA and League MVP Curry (May, 2015)

Soccer’s Growth in the US (May, 2015)

Under Armour’s Profit Falls 14% in Q1 (April, 2015)

Under Armour Heating up in Latin America (March, 2015)

Under Armour Discusses Electronic Clothing (Video) (February, 2015)

Under Armour Spends Huge on Marketing (February, 2015)

Acquisitions Important in the Clothing Industry (January, 2015)

Under Armour’s Global Plans (December, 2014)

5-Forces Model in the Sportswear Industry (December, 2014)

Under Armour CEO “I am not worried about my competition” (Video) (November, 2014)

 Athletic Wear Growing (October, 2014)

Adidas Struggles in USA (October, 2014)

Under Armour Partners with NFHS (September, 2014)

Under Armour Launches its Largest Marketing Campaign Toward Women (July, 2014)

Under Armour vs Nike Comparisons  (July, 2014)

Running Shoe Sales a Positive for Market (June, 2014)

Under Armour Partners with Rugby Canada (May, 2014)

Under Armour’s Q1 2014 Results (April, 2014)

Spring is Historically a Good Season for Under Armour and Nike (April, 2014)

Adidas Files Lawsuit Against Under Armour (February, 2014)

Under Armour Destroys 4th Quarter Earnings Estimate (January, 2014)

Under Armour Uses Innovation (January, 2014)

Under Armour to Offer Hunting Apparel  (January, 2014)

Under Armour Trail Nike and Adidas for Rights to Top College Programs (January, 2014)

Nike’s 2nd Quarter Earnings Beat Estimates (December, 2013)

Under Armour Focuses on Women (December, 2013)

Footlocker Lags Under Armour (November, 2013)

Under Armour Buys MapMyFitness (November, 2013)

Under Armour Beats 3rd Quarter Estimates (October, 2013)

Under Armour Opens Store in China (October, 2013)