Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Polaris Beats Harley to First Electric Motorcycle (August, 2015)

Polaris vs Harley’s E-Bike (June, 2015)

Polaris CEO Discusses His Company  (Video) (May, 2015)

Polaris Files Quarterly Report (April, 2015)

Polaris’ Slingshot Motorcycle Now Available (April, 2015)

Polaris Annual Report 2013

 Polaris Acquires Off road Vehicle Business from Hammerhead (February, 2015)

Polaris Announces Cash Dividend and Share Repurchase Plans (January, 2015)

Polaris to Build 600,000 sq foot Plant in Alabama (January, 2015)

Polaris Announces Dividend (October, 2014)

Polaris Announces new Ultra Light Combat Vehicle  (October, 2014)

Polaris and Costco Form Partnership (September, 2014)

Indian Makes its Way back to Motorcycle Market (August, 2014)

Polaris’s New 3 Wheel Motorcycle  (July, 2014)

 Polaris’ Outlook (July, 2014)

Arctic Cat’s Outlook (June, 2014)

Polaris Sales Growing Twice as Fast as Harley (May, 2014)

Polaris Acquires Kolpin Outdoors (April, 2014)

Polaris Partners with Boy Scouts of America (March, 2014)

Motorcycle Market Overseas Facing Headwinds (March, 2014)

Polaris 5 Year Projected Earnings by Segment (February, 2014)

Yamaha is Losing Ground (January, 2014)

Interview with Polaris’ CEO (January, 2014)

World’s Top 5 Motorcycle Brands (January, 2014)

Polaris Restructures Operations (January, 2014)

Indian Motorcycles’ Growth (December, 2013)

Polaris Forms Strategic Partnership with Ariens Company (December, 2013)

Polaris’ CEO Discusses Indian Motorcycles (Video) (December, 2013)

Polaris Reports Record 3rd Quarter Earnings  (October, 2013)