Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Trump Wants US Postal Service to Charge Amazon More for Packages, FedEx accounts for only 8% of Amazon Shipments (December, 2017)

FedEX by the Numbers (July, 2017)

FedEX by the Numbers (March, 2017)

FedEX and Walgreens Form Partnership (January, 2017)

FedEX’s Earnings Slow and Disappoint (December, 2016)

FedEX’s TNT Integration is Key to 2017 (September, 2016)

FedEX Completes TNT Acquisition  (August, 2016)

FedEx Valuation (July, 2016)

Amazon to Start its Own Shipping Business (June, 2016)

FedEx Offers Bonds in Euros (April, 2016)

FedEx Targets e-Commerce (March, 2016)

Amazon Aims to Enter Shipping Business (February, 2016)

FedEx Increasing its European Footprint (January, 2016)