Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

Crocs Appoints New Marketing Chief (September, 2015)

Nike Continues to be King (September, 2015)

Crocs Coming Back Into Fashion? (May, 2015)

Crocs to Refashion Itself  (May, 2015)

Crocs New Marketing Campaign (March, 2015)

Crocs Reports Q4 and Full Year Results (February, 2015)

Crocs Names new CEO (December, 2014)

Crocs Q3 Report (October, 2014)

Competitor Accuses Crocs of Creating a Monopoly (September, 2014)

Crocs’ Outlook is Improving (July 2014)

Crocs’ Q1 2014 Quarterly Results  (May, 2014)

Crocs’ 2013 Sustainability Report (April, 2014)

Crocs’ 2014 Outlook (March, 2014)

Crocs 4Q Results (February, 2014)

Possible Crocs Turnaround (January, 2014)

Blackstone Invests in Crocs (January, 2014)

Nike Fails to Meet 2nd Quarter Estimates (December, 2013)

Crocs Pursues a Buyout  (November, 2013)

Crocs Performing Better in Europe than USA (November, 2013)

Crocs’ Regional Performance and Possible Buyout (Video) (November, 2013)

Crocs Misses on 3rd Quarter Estimates (October, 2013)