Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

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USPS Reports $586 Million Loss (August, 2015)

USPS Loses Another $1.3 billion (June, 2015)

Union Contract Talks Continue (May, 2015)

Postmaster General Promotes Digital Mail  (May, 2015)

USPS loses over $700 million (February, 2015)

USPS Delivers Record Number of Package (Video) (December, 2014)

 USPS Loses $2 Billion in Q3 (August, 2014)

USPS Stamp Policy Questioned  (August, 2014)

New Pricing Strategy for USPS (July, 2014)

$1.9 Billion loss in 2nd Quarter for USPS (May, 2014)

Mail’s Correlation to Marketing Practices (March, 2014)

USPS Reports Q1 Loss (February, 2014)

USPS Improves Flat Rate Priority Shipping (January, 2014)

USPS Loses $5 Billion in Fiscal 2013 (November, 2013)

USPS Announces 2014 Shipping Rates (November, 2013)

Postmaster General Comments on USPS’ Health Care Plan (September, 2013)

Postmaster General Warns Senate about USPS Financial Situation (September, 2013)