Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)

UPS to Improve Fuel Economy on its Trucks (September, 2015)

FedEx Cuts 2016 Forecast (September, 2015)

UPS Makes Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 3rd Straight Year (September, 2015)

UPS Acquires Coyote Logistics (August, 2015)

Self Driving Trucks to Become Standard (July, 2015)

Buyers Less Loyal to Big Shipping Companies?  (June, 2015)

UPS Increases Pharmaceutical Shipping By Expanding in Europe (June, 2015)

UPS Launches Small Business Campaign (May, 2015)

UPS Ranked #1 in Logistics (April, 2015)

UPS Accused of Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes, Faces Legal Action (February, 2015)

UPS Raises Dividend 9% (February, 2015)

UPS Expands World Freight (January, 2015)

UPS Acquires Polish Healthcare Logistics Firm (December, 2014)

UPS Lowers 2015 Forecast (November, 2014)

UPS To Expand Access Point Pick Up Locations (October, 2014)

UPS Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index (September, 2014)

UPS and FedEX to Raise Rates (August, 2014)

UPS to Double Carbon Emissions Goal by 2020 (July, 2014)

UPS to Invest 1 Billion in Europe (July, 2014)

UPS Expands its China to Europe Rail Services (July, 2014)

UPS Changes its Pricing Policy (June, 2014)

Amazon Moving to its Own Package Delivery Service (May, 2014)

UPS Declining Revenue per Package (April, 2014)

UPS Raises Some Shipping Rates (March, 2014)

UPS Benefiting from Alternative Fuel Vehicles (March, 2014)

Europe to Provide Growth for UPS (February, 2014)

UPS Misses 4th Quarter Earnings Estimates (January 2014)

Amazon Not Pleased With UPS Holiday Delivery Failures (January, 2014)

FedEx Falls Short on 2nd Quarter Earnings (December, 2013)

FedEx 2nd Quarter Earnings (Video) (December, 2013)

How UPS Uses Technology to Aid Delivery (Video) (December, 2013)

Interview with UPS’ CFO on Holiday Delivery Strategy (Video) (December, 2013)

UPS Expects Strong Growth from Emerging Markets (December, 2013)

UPS Experiments with Delivery Drones (December, 2013)

UPS Raises Shipping Rates for 2014 (November, 2013)

UPS Invests in Natural Gas (October, 2013)