Below are recent news articles carefully selected by the authors to help in preparing your case analysis.  (Key updates posted monthly)


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How Can Best Buy Best Compete With Amazon? (September, 2015)

Best Buy’s Big Turnaround (August, 2015)

Will Best Buy Acquire Game Stop (July, 2015)

iPhone Helping Best Buy (May, 2015)

Best Buy to Further Restructure Canadian Stores (March, 2015)

Target Gets more Aggressive in e-commerce Fight (February, 2015)

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Best Buy’s Product Mix (January, 2015)

Why Best Buy is Doing Well (December, 2014)

Why Best Buy Continues to Win (November, 2014)

Best Buy to Offer TVs as Cheap as Amazon (October, 2014)

Best Buy’s Sales Continue to Slump (August, 2014)

Future Trends for Best Buy to Navigate  (July, 2014)

Price Wars Hurting Best Buy (July, 2014)

Best Buy to Exit China (June, 2014)

Best Buy Beats Q1 Estimates (May, 2014)

Amazon to Collect Sales Tax (May, 2014)

Two Threats Facing Best Buy (March, 2014)

Best Buy Files 2013 10-K (March, 2014)

Financial Commentary on Best Buy’s Recent Results (March, 2014)

Best Buy to Fire 2,000 Managers (February, 2014)

Best Buy’s Disappointing Holiday Season (January, 2014)

Paypal Making it Easy to Offer Customers in Best Buy Real Time Incentives (December, 2013)

Best Buy’s Strategic Partnership with Microsoft (December, 2013)

Best Buy’s 3rd Quarter Earnings Improve (November, 2013)

Best Buy’s Turnaround Strategy  (November, 2013)

Best Buy’s CEO on “Show Rooming” (Video) (November, 2013)

Best Buy and ChannelAdvisor Form Strategic Partnership (October, 2013)

Best Buy Begins its Battle with Online Merchants (October, 2013)