We want to thank all professors who have adopted this textbook for their classes. We trust that you will find this book to be practical and applications oriented. Contact us anytime about anything. If you are interested, we would like to possibly visit your class one day as a guest lecturer.

We also want to thank all students who study from this textbook. We trust that you will find this book easy and enjoyable to read, and featuring case companies headquartered around the world. We hope you find the free Excel student template immensely helpful in preparing your case analysis.

Fred R. and Forest R. David, a father–son author team, have published more than 50 articles in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Applied Psychology, Long Range Planning, International Journal of Management, Journal of Business Strategy, and Advanced Management Journal. Fred and Forest’s recent article titled “Mission Statement Theory and Practice: A Content Analysis and New Direction,” published in the International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences, is changing the way organizations devise and use vision and mission statements. They have written and published more than 100 strategic-management cases.

Fred and Forest are coauthors of Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases—A Competitive Advantage Approach that has been on a two-year revision cycle since 1987, when the first edition was published. For 16 editions now, this text has been a leader in the field of strategic management for almost three decades, providing an applications, practitioner-approach to the discipline. More than 500 colleges and universities have used this textbook over the years. For seven editions of this book, Forest has been sole author of the Case Instructor’s Resource Manual, having developed extensive teachers’ notes (solutions) for all the cases. Forest is author of the Case MyLab and Chapter MyLab ancillaries, as well as the free Excel Student Template at www.strategyclub.com.

Fred and Forest were keynote speakers in 2015 in Monterrey, Mexico, at the “XXII Congreso Industrial,” the largest Congress of Industrial Engineering in Latin America. They were also keynote speakers at the 2012 Pearson International Forum in Monterrey, Mexico, delivering a one-hour presentation to 80 Spanish-speaking Management professors. With a Ph.D. in Management from the University of South Carolina, Fred is the TranSouth Professor of Strategic Planning at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. Forest has taught strategic-management courses at Mississippi State University, Campbell University, and Francis Marion University.