16th Edition Forthcoming January 4, 2016

16th Edition Concepts

16th ed. Paperback of David & David’s Strategic Management Concepts
ISBN 0134153979 / 9780134153971 – Publication Date is 1-4-16
16th Edition Concepts and Cases

16th ed. Hardback of David & David’s Strategic Management Concepts and Cases: ISBN 0134167848 / 9780134167848 – Publication Date is 1-4-16
16th Edition e-Book


Six Features of the 16th Edition David & David Enhanced E-Text (Publication Date is 3-26-16)

1. A Completely Different Look and Feel:
Enables efficient, smooth reading on any mobile device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc.).

2. Access to Learning and Study Tools:
Enables highlighting, note taking, and a glossary that personalizes the learning experience. Educators can add notes for students, too, including reminders or study tips.

3. Reinforcement of Terminology:
Pop-up definitions of key terms enables students to process new concepts in real time while reading the text. Students can hover over key terms to see definitions in the context of the reading.

4. Multi-Tasking Capabilities:
A multi-tasking panel for cross-references enables students to view related content side-by-side for a more productive learning environment.

5. Learning on the Go:
Responsive design and fully mobile; the apps for iOS and Android enable students to read and interact with course material on any devices.

6. An Affordable Price